When you work in an office full of women, someone is bound to be talking about clothes, accessories or shoes… and style tips are always flying around!

Patti walked in this morning with a super comfy Maxi Dress and a loose knit sweater tied at her waist. She was instantly complimented on her sweater because it was styled to bring the whole outfit together! Patti laughed and replied, “Thanks, I’m just following my baggy-tight rule!”

For maximum comfort and style, she teaches her daughters (and us!) that you never want to be in a suffocating “tight-tight” outfit or look drab in a “baggy-baggy” outfit… baggy-tight is JUST right!

She explains that if you have a loose top, you’ll want a tighter-fitting pair of pants or dress. For a more form-fitting top, it’s best to go with a flowy bottom!

Take a look how Heather takes her outfit from baggy-baggy to baggy-tight! As silly as it sounds, it just works!



What are some of your favorite fashion words of wisdom you’ve acquired through the years?