Every now and again, we come across a story that is just so honest and inspiring… we feel the need to share it! If it can just help one person, that’s okay with us! We received this beautiful story from Amanda, who is halfway through Breast Cancer Treatments. Read her story below!

I just wanted to send you a quick note letting you know how much I LOVE the Boho Bandeaus. I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months ago and have lost my hair due to chemotherapy treatments and I had a tough time with that.  My mom tried to help me with scarfs and wrapping them around my head but I just couldn’t get it right!  One night my boyfriend’s mother went to a nearby local store, Francesca’s, and bought me a Boho Bandeau. I loved it, it was black with flowers and ivy around it. I found it so versatile, I could wear it with or without my wig in a couple different ways.  I now have several, just ordered more today online!blackandcream-compressor

I just wanted to tell you about your great product that I found very useful and will definitely tell others I meet going through the same struggle. I’d love to tell your customers about the fantastic Boho Bandeaus that your company makes and how finding them has helped me get through losing my hair and looking good at the same time!  I’ll first start with a little background about my journey and how I’ve come to lose my hair. I’m 36 and was diagnosed with breast cancer in early August 2016. I have no family history, genetics testing came back negative, needless to say, it came as a complete surprise. As I’m sure it does for most women!

Since I was diagnosed, I’ve had countless doctors’ appointments, a double mastectomy with reconstruction surgery to come later this year and started chemotherapy treatments. As I write this, I am more than halfway through chemotherapy treatment, only 3 more to go!!  Once I’m done with chemotherapy, I’ll start radiation treatment. I am so grateful for the team of doctors that have helped saved my life!  I just had to throw that in there because it’s so important to trust your doctors and have the confidence to know that they know what’s best for your specific treatment.

About 3 weeks after starting chemotherapy, my hair began to not look like my hair anymore.  It started to fall out in clumps when I would wash it or brush it or even just run my fingers through it. My hair also looked dry, dull, lifeless, nothing like how my hair was!  I tried my whole life to not have dry hair, I never even owned a blow dryer! At that time I decided, like a lot of women do at this stage, to take this matter into my own hands and just had my head shaved. I asked a dear friend of mine that is a hairdresser and has been doing my hair for over 10 years, if she would shave it for me. Being one of the most generous and awesome friends I know, she of course said yes. My wonderful and supporting mom and another dear friend of mine that I’ve met throughout this journey also came along for moral support.  It was an emotional day, I  couldn’t even look in the mirror as it was being done.  There were a couple other women in the salon and I think I had them in tears at one point along with my hairdresser friend, I think she was crying and shaking more than I was!

My other dear friend was there to record the event but to this day, I still haven’t been able to watch it, more because I just don’t want to relive it, I’ve come to terms with the loss of my hair but I just don’t want to watch it at this time. Once all was said and done, and I looked in the mirror, I did break down and cry but that quickly passed and my Mom and friends were there to comfort me. My Mom makes beautifully beaded jewelry and she had made me a beautiful pair of earrings which she gave me at that time and once she wrapped a scarf around my head, they said I looked beautiful. I’m never one to think I look beautiful but I was happy to hear them say it!  In addition, my Mom has a great friend that beads jewelry as well and she had made me over a dozen beautiful earrings.  I’ve found with having no hair, big, beautiful earrings are a great accessory!

Now, onto the wonderful Boho Bandeaus!  My Mom tied that very first scarf on my head (not a Boho Bandeau) and once I took it off, for the life of me, I could not tie it back on!  I even watched YouTube videos and for some reason, I just was not coordinated enough to get it tied!  That evening, my boyfriend and I met his mother and sister for dinner. His mother happened to be shopping at a local store and found the Boho Bandeau. She gave it to me that night and I just thought it was the most wonderful gift!  When she saw how pleased I was with it, she bought me several more. I told my Mom about them and she went and bought what seemed to be the rest of the styles the store had!  Each Boho Bandeau was beautifully designed, lots of vibrant colors, I had one to go with pretty much every outfit!

My main concern was working, making sure I looked professional enough for my job, so my dear friend, the one that came with me to shave my head, passed her wig down to me. I was so appreciative for that as they can be hard and expensive to find!  The wig color matched very similarly to what my hair was, the length was good but it just had a little bit of a “wiggy” look to it. So not only did the Boho Bandeau help cover my bald head great, I found a style to wear it over my wig to help hide the “wiggy” parts. I had quite a few patterned Boho Bandeau’s so I wanted to find some solid color ones, my local store did not have any so I went online and purchased 6 more of them!  Overall, I have more than a dozen and I wear them everyday!  They do have several different ways to wear them, I tend to stick with what I know, but they are so easy for me to just put on and go. Which helps make my days and overall life and appearance better! Nothing about this journey has been easy or anticipated but when I find a great product like this that has helped me so immensely, I felt the need to share my story and experience. And if I can help someone else along the way, that gives me the greatest pleasure!  Thank you for taking the time to hear about my story.

Thank you so much for sharing, Amanda! It’s an important one that needs to be read. Watch her interview below, too! ❤️