Kathy, our awesome Office Coordinator went to WORK so we could have a blast decorating eggs today! She hard boiled/ baked 81 eggs and scooped up all the supplies to deck ’em out! Read below to see how she prepped that many (in only an hour and twenty minutes!!) and learn our favorite ways to decorate them!


Shaving Cream
Dye cups
Nail polish & remover
Food coloring
Extras: Glitter, whisks (for dipping), brushes, paint pens, sequins

Decorating Types:
Traditional food coloring in vinegar water
Nail polish dip dye
Shaving cream

To boil
Fill the pot 2/3 of the way with water and bring to a simmer
Gently place eggs in water
Boil (keeping them completely submerged) for 10 minutes
Scoop eggs out and gently place them in a bowl of ice water for 5-10 minutes

To bake
Set your eggs out to bring to room temperature
Preheat the oven to 325’F
Put eggs in muffin pans (one egg/cup)
Bake for 30 minutes
Gently place eggs in a bowl of ice water for 5-10 minutes

eggs-compressorLook at all of those eggs!

cream-compressorThe watercolor method is SO easy!

dyee-compressorJust fill up a tin-foil pan with shaving cream and drip in as many dyes as you want

color-compressorOnce you have all of your colors in…

stick-compressorTake a toothpick and blend the colors together

dye-compressorGet your egg in there and roll it around so that it looks like…


hands-compressor-1… take a second to admire your unicorn fingers!! 🦄🌈

p-compressorLet the egg sit for about 30 minutes to an hour to really soak up all the dye

shaving-compressorThen go ahead and rinse it all off!

polish-compressorNail Polish… our other favorite method!

nail-compressorJust add any color to vinegar water and swirl the egg around!

shav-compressorThe finished product is so pretty and marbled!

hand-compressorDecorating Easter Eggs is so nostalgic! We’re so thankful to have an awesome team that puts so much thought and work into our Fun Days! Take a peek at our adorable Easter Basket Shop here!🐣💗