Hearing from our amazing customers all over the world is quite possibly our favorite thing EVER! We have to share this email we recived last week from Stephanie! We love that her sweet family had the courage to take a HUGE risk and start all over… in a country they’ve never even lived in before… all in pursuit of a HAPPY and simple life!

Here’s her story!

“I’m French and I’ve lived in Costa Rica for nearly 2 years. This is my happy place, my little paradise.

We are the owners of a little bed and breakfast (Quinta Esencia in Brasilito). We decided to change our life, I was nurse in France and we were fed up with everything and wanted another life for us and our 5 children… A peaceful life!!!!

And now we are so happy, to enjoy the Pura Vida!!!!!

My hotel is decorated with a lot of Natural Life’s treasures and I also make handmade decorations with your inspiration!!!!

I have a fb page: Pura Vida French touch. I love everything of natural life!!!!I Love your quotes, thanks for sharing your kind messages!!!!

We feel so positive!!!!”- Stephanie Flament

treeeTake a look at their amazing Natural Life Christmas Tree!

tChristmas spirit with a side of inspiration!


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