Ready or not… December is here! Like every holiday, we love getting in the festive spirit one way or another! We decided Gingerbread House decorating would be a fun team-building and creative challenge for us to tackle! And of course, we made it a competition (with pizza)!

eeeA pretty rough start…

r Katya, one of our Graphic Designers, is ingenious using a potato chip bag to pipe frosting!

oA much cleaner start!

hGetting festive with interior lights!

e (2)Bob consulting… and stealing ideas to for his grandkids!


Uh oh… structural issues

aWork in progress!

dDefinitely going above and beyond!

pin Pinterest inspo…

rr… nailed it!! (kind of)

bRainbow shingles!


Love the shredded coconut for snow!

iThe Willy Wonka of Gingerbread Houses!

geThe little snowman is soooo adorable!!

nThe well-deserved winner!