It’s National Teacher’s Day and Natural Life is excited to celebrate teachers all around the nation.

Patti's daughter, Gracie's first of school with the most amazing teacher, Miss Dotty from Discovery Montessori S.
Miss Dotty from Discovery Montessori School was all three of Patti’s daughters’ first teacher! Here is Gracie celebrating her birthday with her class.

Today is the day we want to THANK all our teachers around the nation for choosing a career that can make such a positive difference in our world – one student at a time.  I remember so clearly certain teachers affecting my life in a positive way – from the teacher who noticed I couldn’t see (not even the big E) to the teacher who sparked a love for learning…to the teacher who had to teach me a life lesson with some tough love.

Patti and Gracie enjoying snack time with Miss Dotty, a teacher who truly touches tomorrow!
Gracie’s birthday snack was frozen corn! Yum!
But you REALLY learn to appreciate teachers when you become a parent, and you watch how a teacher’s kindness, patience and attention have a direct impact on your child’s understanding, confidence and self-esteem, and you are just so thankful. So, thank you to all the teachers out there who inspire us and the children of the world!