After spending 6 months on the front lints, Katie realized that the girls would never be safe or truly thrive until Liberia thrives.

In 2013, MTM opened up the first tuition-free all-girls school and now, with the help of the Ministry of Education, they plan to open 500 schools in the next 5 years… reaching  over 250,000 children with an added benefit of creating 15,000 new, high-quality professional jobs in the health, social work and education field.


Katie believes, “Life is found in giving life away. When you are using your life to do good for others or to help make the world a better place, you find life in that. It’s living for something bigger than just you. Not everyone is going to be able to go to Liberia, and probably shouldn’t, but bigger than that, it’s about loving the person right next to you.”


We are so inspired by Katie Meyler and all the good she is doing in the world… and so are others! She is a 2014 TIME Person of the Year, she received the 2015 Nelson Mandela Changemaker Award and she was the grand prize winner of the 2012 CHASE American Giving Award. BONO’s ONE Foundation called Katie, “The most passionate person we’ve ever met!”


We love stumbling upon people who are making a difference in the world! We heard about Katie’s mission and wanted to help so we co-created a capsule collection filled with some of Katie’s favorite quotes! We’re so excited that the proceeds will help MTM, but even more so, the sayings will help inspire people to live for something bigger than themselves!


This collection captures our shared passion of making the world a better place by inspiring girls and women to realize their dreams and follow their passions!


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