Whoohooo! You know how they say things happen in 3’s… well apparently it happens in 4’s over here at Natural Life! Danielle, our Southeast Territory Manager, led the charge back in June when she announced that she has a little bundle of joy in her belly! Since then, we have been THRILLED to hear that Morgan, our Customer Experience Manager, Katrina, our Supply Chain Coordinator, and Audra, our Central Territory Manager are all expecting little ones!!

mojLook at that pregnancy glow!! ✨

moMorgan already has (the CUTEST) little man named Ronan and is so excited to give him a little sister to watch over!

morgannRonan’s daddy is teaching him all about being a big brother… he looks confident!

katrinaKatrina’s first is coming June 2016… only two more weeks until we find out if she will have a baby boy or girl!

katHow adorable is this ornament to commemorate their newest addition!

nThis is Audra’s first babe and she is soooo elated!! Her due date is July 11th… it can’t come quick enough!

audraThey had to try and find balloons as big as their excitement… and they’re still not big enough!

danDanielle just started her maternity leave and is expecting Julian Cash anyyyyy day now…..


2016 is going to be a year full of babies & blessings… we can’t wait!!!! ?