The Natural Life crew had an amazing time at The Hangout Beach, Music and Arts Festival. We set up are biggest pop-up shop EVER and loved seeing people get introduced to Natural Life for the first time! The music was awesome, the food was great and the people were even better! We loved seeing the happy reactions from everyone. Our Lounge Shorts were a HIT! The second day, we saw festival-goers wearing them everywhere. A HUGE thank you to the Hangout for having us and giving us such a great spot!


On Friday the team set-up!


On Saturday more of the team came, ready to go!


This was the view from our condo! We loved the Surf Stage!


People could take an item from our Treasure Box if they posted a picture to Instagram and used our hashtags…everyone loved it!


We brought a favorite from our music festival…God’s Eyes!


Festival-goers made some awesome creations!


Hats were a MUST in the summer sun!


We were right next to the music! Thank you Hangout!


Alisha and Cindy ready to help customers!


We can’t wait to travel to more music festivals and spread our messages of happiness! In July, we will be going to the Sloss Festival in Birmingham, Alabama! If you are planning on going, visit us at our next pop-up shop!