Our mission at Natural Life is to inspire everyone to Give and Live Happy. When our employees live this mission personally, amazing things happen! We truly and wholeheartedly believe that one person can change the world… and that’s just what Jenn, our Midwest Territory Manager, did!


If you haven’t been following the news, there is a Federal State of Emergency in Flint, Michigan. Their water is so badly contaminated that it’s not safe to drink… especially for children. More info here!

A few months ago, Jenn got married to the love of her life and we sent her a Visa giftcard to treat the newlyweds! Instead of using it on themselves, they took the gift card to their local WalMart and bought FIFTEEN cases of water to donate!


Jenn’s friends and insurance agent partnered together to pull off this amazing water drive. They ended up filling up a truck and raised an additional $5,000 to buy more water once they arrived in Flint!


Always remember, the things you take for granted, someone else is praying for. Thank you so much Jenn for making a difference!!

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