Valentine’s Day is right around the corner… and we have the perfect little something for your special someone! Take a look through our top 20 picks!

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1. Love Prayer Box


Give your Valentine the best gift ever: less worries! BONUS: Write a sweet love note or list the things you love about her!

2. Love Wrap Bracelet

This bracelet is so versatile… you can dress it up or wear it every day! Every glance at her wrist will remind her how loved she is and to always love others!

3. Love You More Glass Tray

The perfect tray to store her favorite little treasures! BONUS: Personalize her a gift with our Junk Market Collection!

4. More Than My Phone4Sure to give your Valentine a little LOL. (That is saying a lot, though!)

5. I Love You Vase
Fill it with something romantically fragrant like lavender or thyme!

6. Love You More Bungalow Pillow

For the pair whose biggest argument is who loves the other more!

7. Cards are such a fun keepsake to save. Say it sweetly with:


Or add a little comedic value with this one!

8. I Love You Dish

These little dishes are perfect for safely holding rings while washing dishes or doing the laundry! It also makes for awesome wedding gifts!

9. Love You More Recyclable Gift Bag

When nothing’s green around you… give green! These adorable bags are made of 80% recycled water bottles! BONUS: the earth will love you, too!

10. Cup of Love Mug

Something that your coffee-loving Valentine will use every morning… maybe even every afternoon and evening too… we’re not judging!

11. Moon & Back Art

This sentimental art is ageless. It’ll bring a smile from her nursery to her first apartment!

12. Moon & Back Keepsake

She’ll be showing off how sweet her Valentine is when she displays this on her work desk or counter!

13. Turtle Mug 

Another mug because… coffee. And turtles. And puns. What’s not to love?

14. Linen Hand Towel

Turn doing dishes into a labor of love!

15. Happy Notes


The gift that can literally make hundreds of days. Filled with original artwork to inspire everyone around you! Perfect for packing with lunches too!

17. Stainless Steel Cup

Fill up her cup… and her heart! So much better than plastic water bottles. The Earth says, “thanks!”

18. Soy Candle

19Nothing quite more romantic than a candle. Oh, a candle with a sweet saying? Sold.

18. Boho Bandeaubbw009-000_4

We’ll give you 10 reasons why we love Boho Bandeaus… there’s at least that many ways to wear them!

19. Love You More Necklace 

Super fun and sentimental gift both of you can wear every day!

  1. Loved Key Chain


Yeah, she may drive you crazy but that’s why you love her so much! Remind her every time she hits the road!

Take a peek at our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for even MORE options!! ❤️