Back to School is such an exciting yet overwhelming time of the year! Summer is winding down and you have just faced the harsh reality that college is starting in a few weeks. Don’t stress! We have compiled a list of our college living must-haves to help you create a happy & inspiring space!

1. Tapestry

Say goodbye to boring white brick walls with this bold-colored wall covering!

Small Acts Tapestry

2. Inspiration Flags

Spell your name or a sweet sentiment to personalize your new space!

Spell a name or message!

3. Lounge Pants & Shorts

The comfiest clothes you have ever come across (and SO cute)! You will seriously never want to take these off!

Turquoise & Green ZigZag Lounge PantsPink & Cream Indie Print Lounge Shorts

4. Dream Catcher

You are going to accomplish amazing things! Stay driven and chase after your dreams!

15-Inch Multicolor Dream Catcher

5. Backrest Pillow

There really isn’t a better place to study and do homework than in the comfort of your own warm bed… sans backpains!

6. On the Go Cup

Transport your much-needed Iced Coffee (thanks 8 AM lecture) with a colorful and inspirational On the Go Cup!

Chase Your Dreams On The Go Cup

7. Hope and Dreams Box

The first step to accomplishing your dreams? Write them down!

Hopes & Dreams Wooden Keepsake Box

8. Thought Bubble Sign

You will have the go-to #selfie room!

Think Positive Thought Bubble Sign

9. Hangout Dress

Much like the Lounge Pants and Shorts, you will never want to take this off! Wear it to bed, class, lunch, nap, dinner… no judging here!

Black Hangout Dress

10. Boho Bandeau

SO many ways to wear this. I repeat SO MANY ways to wear this! It’s an effortless look with endless possibilities!

Turquoise & Gray Boho Bandeau

11. Sleep Mask

Chances are, you and your roommate will not be on the same sleep schedule and that’s alright. Pro tip: Use your Boho Bandeau! (Told you the uses are endless)

 12. Art Prints

Simple decor pieces that go a long way. The only problem here is having to choose one!

Be Kind Work Hard Natural Life Art Print

13. White Noise Machine

You may be on the same sleep schedule with your roommate but you definitelyyyy won’t be on the same routine with the entire floor. Drown out excess noise to sleep easy!

14. Squishy Pillows

It’s so SQUISHY!! Squeeze when you’re feeling glad, sad, happy or mad for an instant pick-me-up!

Be Happy Today Squishy Pillow

15. Pivot Power Surge Protectors

Guaranteed you will run out of outlets. Make em stretch with a Power Surge!

16. Elephant Mug

You have a ton of coffee mugs? That’s irrelephant… It holds SO MUCH coffee and is SO CUTE!

You Are Loved Elephant Folk Mug

17. Hamper

It’ll take away the temptation of tossing your clothes on the floor and make laundry a littleeeee bit more fun!

I'll Just Be Happy Hamper

18. Extra Chargers

We all know how unreliable chargers are these days. You will thank yourself later by having an emergency back up pack.

19. Vagabond Gypsy Wristlet

Where style meets convenience. Store your phone, credit card and room key in one fun, compact space.

Be The Change Vagabond Gypsy Wristlet

20. Vagabond Gypsy Tote

See above… except toss in your laptop, phone, wristlet, a granola bar, a pillow for the 8 AM lectures (just kidding about the pillow)

Not All Who Wander Vagabond Gypsy Tote

21. Aroma Therapy Clock

Relax by aroma, soothing color light and nature sounds… do we need to go on?

22. Poncho Scarves

Challenge: Try not to wear this every day… because you will be tempted! Soo cozy!!

Camel Poncho Scarf

We’re wishing you an happy and successful school year! Remember to share your Natural Life photos with #NaturalLifeHappy so we can see how you’ve decked out your digs!

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