I’m Carolyn and I work in Customer Experience (and occasionally model for the really fun photo shoots!). When Patti (the Natural Life founder & CEO) shared an article about Wegmans, one of our wholesale accounts, I got so excited over the familiar name! Even though I’ve moved 1,000 miles away to Florida, I still hear this name at least once a week through everyday conversation with friends and family. A normal, average company wouldn’t leave this much of an impression, but Wegmans is anything but ordinary. It has turned the dreaded, busy grocery store trip into a pleasurable and enjoyable experience. Who knew that was even possible?

Growing up, my mom and I would cut out recipes and head to Wegmans to gather the ingredients to make all sorts of delicacies like homemade pizza or something new like baklava (YUM!). These weekly trips became a ritual and it is here where my mom’s passion for cooking and baking got passed down to me.

carolyn3When a company holds so much pride in itself, you can’t help but be proud to shop there and contribute to its excellence. That’s where I see Natural Life and Wegmans intertwine. Everyone here at the NL office is constantly thinking of how we can be better. The company and this pride is directly reflected in our products and how we treat our customers.MAG144Before I started working for Natural Life, my mom sent me a NL magnet she purchased at Wegmans with the sentiment “Love you to the Moon and Back”. It’s a saying we would tell each other every night while I was growing up. Whenever I see it on my refrigerator I’m instantly reminded of my mom and the countless hours we spent together in the kitchen. Every few weeks my mom sends me a care package filled to the brim with items like Wegmans quinoa, coconut macaroons or the coveted sponge candy found in the all-too-convenient bulk aisle. Wegmans is more than a grocery store. It’s a company that creates traditions, instills passions and still holds a special place in my heart. It’s pretty awesome that I get to see the same thing happening with Natural Life and our customers!