Kelsey Johnson... A Story of Strength and Determination!

Girl wearing Boho Bandeau
Our customers are so amazing and their stories always inspire us!

We heard from a mom a few months ago and were so touched by her words, "My daughter had a brain tumor removed in May and had to take chemo and radiation treatments over the summer. The radiation caused the hair on the top half of her head to fall out so I went online to find wide head bands to cover the top half of her head. I was very lucky to come across your website and see the Bobo Bandeau headbands.We bought 5 of them and they have been a life saver. My daughter wears one everyday even when she works out. You would not know that she lost a lot of her hair because the headband covers it and the rest of her hair is in braids. I have told so many people about your headbands including some going through radiation. I will continue to spread the world. Thank you for creating such wonderful products! Have a great day!"

Girl in Boho Bandeau

Her daughter, Kelsey, is a University of Central Arkansas soccer player who was in a car crash January 2016. She walked away with whiplash but her headaches got worse. She decided to go to back to the doctor and what she thought was a concussion, was actually a brain tumor.

She underwent a year of chemotherapy and radiation and was finally cleared by her doctors to return to the sport she loves, soccer. Although she was cleared, she couldn't have any contact... meaning she couldn't play in any games.

UCA Soccer Senior Kelsey Johnson

With Kelsey as the team's inspiration, they were having an amazing undefeated season. During their senior night, the coaches wanted to do something special to honor her hard work and determination. They announced her in the lineup, she started and even completed a pass! She then returned to the bench in tears of joy, so happy that she was able to just be out on the field. Read more here!

Girl playing soccer

Inspired by her story, we sent her a few more Boho Bandeaus and received this sweet note:

"I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product. I am a 21 year old college senior that had brain surgery last May followed by radiation and chemotherapy. l lost most of my hair as a result of the treatment. I had a hard time finding headbands that were thick enough to cover my head. Natural Life was the only place I found something that could cover all of my lost hair. Your Boho Bandeau’s have meant so much to me! I also play soccer in college and they stay on my head! I get so many compliments wearing them! I have been able to attend my college classes and walk in public without receiving those prying “stares” thanks to your accessories. The Boho Bandeau’s work well with my wardrobe and they are very comfortable. Your Boho Bandeau’s have been a true blessing to me during my recovery. I have been able to maintain my dignity in public by wearing your beautiful creations. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product that has truly improved the quality of my life!"

Girl holding trophy

Thank you, Kelsey, for continuing to inspire us to be strong, never give up and do what makes us HAPPY!!


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