9-Year-Old Girl Inspired By Our Beautiful Girl Tapestry!

We received the sweetest note the other day that just melted our hearts! It makes us so proud to know that so many people are impacted by the meaningful quotes we put on our treasures and clothes. We really do put so much thought and care behind each item and it inspires us to keep working hard! 

Read the cute note and see the awesome beautiful girl painting below!!

"Good morning!

We bought my daughter the 'Beautiful Girl, You Can Do Hard Things' tapestry for her 9th birthday on March 1st. She decided to do a painting of it last night (instead of sleeping)! It was a beautiful surprise when I went into her room to check on her last night.

Thanks for your positive product!"
Julie T.

We love the way this beautiful girl painting turned out and are so impressed with her talent! We love that she has this reminder that she really can do anything as she continues to follow her passions in life! Who knows, maybe she'll be an artist for Natural Life one day! ❤️

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