A Mug Can Hold So Much More Than Coffee!

We had to share this story from today about a broken mug…and the love and admiration that moms, daughters and grandmothers have for each other. This is a story we can all relate to...and thankfully one with a happy, heartwarming ending! This morning Kristen, from our Customer Experience department received this email from a frantic mom in Wisconsin.
"I am praying you can help me out. My daughter purchased the mug, God can't be everywhere so he created Grandmas mug for my mom for Christmas. She bought it 5 months ago. On Christmas day, my mom was using it and saying how awesome it is when my other daughter knocked it off the table and broke it. My older daughter is so upset. She is like me in that she attaches emotions to things. So I searched and found one at a floral shop and thought we were set. I just got an email from them that they are out of stock. Do you have any of these hanging around in the store or backroom as a sample or anything??? I am desperate!! Please let me know if there is anyone that works for you that has one at home they will sell or anything. She thinks the one is coming from the floral shop..... She loves your products! Her bedroom and car could be showrooms for your cool stuff. Thanks for trying to help me out." Kristine knew that the mug this mom was searching for was discontinued and long gone from our warehouse, but she started searching and asking around our office anyway just in case! Coming up empty handed, Kristine dug around in the warehouse temp space hoping there was a lone survivor. Sorting through the storage room she found a box of odds and ends and at the very bottom, found the last mug!!! Kristen went out of her way to try to make a difference for this sweet family. She sends an email back: "Thank you for contacting us! I’m so sorry to hear about the original mug breaking, and after receiving your email I went on a bit of a hunt in hopes to find one for you! This is an older mug style that is not an active product in our line, but after searching around our warehouse I was able to find ONE last survivor. I’m so happy we had one left just for you! I would love to send this over to you; can you provide me the address it needs to go to? Thanks again, not only for reaching out to us but for you and your family being a fan of our products. I look forward to hearing from you and will make sure the mug is packaged thoroughly so your mother receives it safe and sound!” The happy ending email Kristen got next makes everything we do worthwhile. We love helping make the world a happier place. “Kristen, I am so thankful!!! I can't tell you the smile you just put on Madison's face! Your customer service reflects all the messages you create in the products you sell! And if you ever open a store here in Wisconsin or in Nashville, TN, please let us know, as my daughter would be first in line to work there!! Happy New Year!” LIVE HAPPY! :) Here is the mug! God couldn't be everywhere so he created Grandmothers