An Inspirational (Flag) Proposal!!

Who doesn't love LOVE?! We couldn't help but share this story as soon as it hit our inbox!! Thank you Sarah for sharing your special moment with us, we wish you and your husband the very best!! proposal edit "It was a beautiful summer day on June 15th, a day I will never forget. It was our two year anniversary. I knew it would be special, Chance always made sure these days were. But I never expected what was yet to come. We were living in Cape Canaveral, FL for the summer for a college internship (a magical adventure in itself). The day started out with breakfast at an adorable local restaurant near Cocoa village. We spent the day on the beach, simply enjoying each others presence and reflecting back on the life we created together. We had an amazing early dinner at our favorite seafood spot. On our way home he asked me if I wanted to go on a walk. THANK GOODNESS I ACCEPTED HIS OFFER! We were walking down the beach which was very usual for us that summer, so I wasn't expecting anything. Then he tells me to follow him, and he leads me to this little secret pathway. I still didn't think anything of it because we always liked to find little adventures to take, I assumed he found this spot while surfing one day and wanted to show me. As we got closer, I noticed the pathway was lined with candles and rose petals. At this point, my heart starts racing, and my mind starts going a million to nothing. I look at him and he had a look in his eyes like he just pulled off the impossible. I'm very hard to surprise, he calls me his FBI agent! He had a smile like a kid on Christmas, his eyes were even smiling if that makes sense. As we walk the winding path, I notice a flash go off somewhere in the distance. This is when my mind realizes 'THIS. IS. IT.'. Marry me He WAS listening to all my engagement requests, he got a photographer to hide somewhere to capture the moment. Music was playing, candles everywhere, the sun was setting. We arrive hand in hand to most beautiful setting under a canopy of trees and wild vines, tiki torches surrounded us. On two of the tiki torches was a beautiful Natural Life banner spelling out "Marry Me"! Chance knew I loved the company, and having that unique touch there made the entire moment that much more special! We now have a "beach wall" in our house where the banner hangs. Thank you Natural Life for being a part of such a special and beautiful day!" Marry me