Christmas is quickly approaching… which means it’s time to get gifts for all your friends and family! We think stocking stuffers are SO fun... so, we gathered our favorite treasures that also make the best stocking stuffers!

Surprise Ball

Everyone has a person on their gift list who they just don't know what to get, so why not give them a surprise ball! Watch a smile appear as each treasure is unwrapped. As the crepe paper unfolds, a total of ten surprises are revealed. You might just need to buy one for yourself, and keep it for a day you could use some fun! A Surprise Ball is a fabulous gift alone or paired with a Natural Life gift card. Whether you’re eight or eighty, no one can resist a surprise, and you’re never too old for one!

 Giving Bracelet

This sweet bracelet is the perfect stocking stuffer! It's made with colorful glass and ceramic beads with a special metal charm that will help encourage or remind someone how special they are. The little story on the card will help you pick the right one for each person!

Over-the-Knee Cozy Socks

These Over-The-Knee Cozy Socks are SO soft and comfy... they look like little stuffed animals when folded up and would look so cute peeking out of a stocking! They fit thigh high and are perfect for pairing with an oversized sweatshirt to lounge around the house! Cute socks make the perfect cozy gift!

Lucky Charms

Gift a lucky little charm to watch over them, bringing good luck and protection the whole day through. They can carry one in their pocket or sit one in their room. Sometimes something small creates a big impact. They'll feel this little smiley charm in their pocket and remember that there’s a lot to be grateful for. They come ready-to-give in their own colorful little box. Make someone’s day brighter by passing on a little happy!

 Angel Sun Catcher

This Angel Sun Catcher truly proves that it's the little things that mean the most! They can hang it on the rearview mirror, in the garden, from a tree, or by the window to brighten up any space. It’s beautiful shape and color will spark a little joy and warm their heart every time they see the sunlight transform into stunning rainbow prisms.

Mushroom Night Light

The Mushroom Night Light emits a warm glow that lights up any space no matter how dark it is! It uses a color changing LED bulb and comes with a light control sensor built in. It’s so whimsical & pretty and makes a great gift for younger girls and college students! We have one in all of our bedrooms!

 Angel Worry Doll

We fell in love with this handcrafted Worry Doll while on an inspiration trip in Central America! According to ancient Mayan folklore, before you go to bed tell your little doll your worries, place it under your pillow and when you wake in the morning your worries will be gone! It makes such a fun and unique little gift for loved ones and friends!

 Blessing Bell

A small bell with a big purpose... an angel to watch over them while they travel or a lovely sound to remind them of someone they love. This sweet token can be hung on front doors, inside vehicles and on bags to protect and bring good luck!

 Giving Trinket Bowl

Thoughtful gifts are the best gifts. Our hand-molded Giving Trinket Bowl is the gift you can give to anyone! Every time they use it, they’ll be reminded that they are loved. You can even gift one to yourself to keep by your sink to hold your rings. Each bowl has a gold-rimmed edge and a sweet sentiment that will make anyone’s day. They’re the perfect size for bracelets, rings, or any tiny treasure. We love to give everyday items a special purpose that will make you smile.

 Floral Boho Clip

A clip that can actually hold ALL of your hair?!? YES! Meet the Boho Clip! It features a pretty floral print and is perfect for the days you need to just throw your hair up and go. Hold a little or hold it all... this clip looks so great styled anyway your little heart (and hair) desires!

 Set of 12 Tokens with Pouch

The Set of 12 Heart Tokens With Pouch is so sweet! They can tuck these tiny treasures into a card, under a pillow, in a pocket or leave on a table as a special gift for a friend or random act of kindness... they are life's little messengers!

 Owl Eyeglass Holder

Give the Owl Glasses Holder to the friend who is always misplacing their glasses. Hand-carved and floral painted, this wooden owl not only makes them smile when they see him, he keeps their glasses in a safe place and prevents them from getting scratched! He looks right at home just about anywhere – their desk, nightstand, kitchen counter, or reading nook!
December 05, 2022