How to Use a Boho Bandeau as a Homemade Mask!

Our Boho Bandeaus are seriously the most versatile accessory ever! There are more than 12 different ways to wear them, one being over your mouth and nose. This really comes in handy when you're outside in the cold, if the air quality is low and now, as a homemade mask to help limit the amount of germs you spread and take in.
Watch this video showing the ways to wear the Boho Bandeau... including as a face covering!
A few days ago, the CDC recommended that the general population should wear non-medical masks that cover your face and nose when you have to leave for essential trips like the grocery store or pharmacy. Still, they reinforced that the three most effective things you can do to stay healthy are staying home, practice social distancing by keeping 6 feet away from people and washing your hands often. 

Our amazing healthcare workers are seeing medical grade mask shortages and desperately need all that are out there. If you have any, please consider donating them to a local hospital or find a drop-off here.

Our Boho Bandeaus have stepped in to become an awesome alternative for when you really have to go out but want some protection. Although they aren't going to completely protect you, they do offer some really great benefits like:
  • Acts as a visual cue to remind others to keep a 6-foot buffer
  • Encourage you to not touch your face
  • Give you a sense of security and peace of mind
  • Acts as a reinforcer of the crisis we're facing right now
With making and wearing a homemade mask, there are a few tips to keep in mind:
  • Don't touch the front
  • Wash after every use
  • Remove as far away from your head as possible, try not to let it touch anything else
  • Make it more protective by adding a #2 or #4 coffee filter or two blue shop towels
We've seen some super creative ways to turn our Boho Bandeaus into a homemade mask like this idea below! Using just two hair ties, you can loop them through the headband so they stay securely on your ears. This works great if you have a smaller head or are wanting to use these on yours kids.
Homemade mask ideas
Homemade Mask Ideas That Make a Difference!
We are so inspired by how many people are donating their time to make masks or homemade mask accessories that help our healthcare workers!

@tinak888 reached out to us on Instagram asking if there were any discounts if she placed a bulk order for our Boho Bandeaus. She shared that she planned to sew buttons on them to help people she knew and their co-workers who are working on Covid-19 floors. We had a ton of Boho Bandeaus at our office and knew she was the perfect person to donate them to! She set up her own home economics class in her kitchen and taught her kids how to sew buttons on them. They donated the Boho Bandeaus to the incredible healthcare workers to give their ears some relief from the elastic mask straps!
You can see all of our Boho Bandeaus and pick out your favorite here! If you do any DIY projects or wear yours as a mask, tag us or message us on Instagram... we would love to see!

"Beautiful, comfy, and versatile! I love my pretty new Boho Bandeau. One more way I use it during this quarantine: as a makeshift face mask when I have to be in public. While not medical grade, it provides some protection and peace of mind to those around me (and looks cute, too)"

Cynthia T.
Boho Bandeaus can be used as a homemade mask!
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