A Natural Life Favorite: India Blankets

At Natural Life, we like nothing more than discovering a hidden gem, which may be why we've tucked one of our all-time favorite finds at the back of our catalog. Trust us, our one-of-a-kind India Blankets aren't buried there for lack of love. In fact, they've spread like wildfire through our office (draped over sofas and desks and hung on walls) and just about every employee has multiples at home. And this is why: * Each blanket is stitched from vintage saris, so the exotic prints all vary. * They come in the perfect weight -- neither too light or too heavy -- and layer beautifully. * They make ideal throws, bedspreads and picnic blankets in tailgate season. In short, perfection. Check out the India Blanket on founder and CEO Patti's back porch... India Blanket on couch
... and the ones stacked and draped in Patti's sunroom amongst some fun "vintage" Natural Life picture frames...
India Blankets
…even perfect in Creative Director Allison's 7 year old son's room! Mixed with a Royal Hut pillow sham and a hand embroidered pillow picked up at a street market in San Miguel, Mexico.
India Blanket on bed
... and the virtual explosion of India Blankets in our web coordinator, Drausia's temporary, make-shift office! India Blankets on wall
Add a splash of color and global flair to your special space! 
India Blankets