Leia Hunt is Making the World a Better Place!

We hear so many incredibly inspiring stories of girls and women who are out in the world making it a better place and this was totally the case for Leia Hunt, a 2x childhood cancer survivor that has since founded her own non-profit organization called Leia's Kids! Leia's Kids was founded in 2017, and their mission is to provide hope and support to children and their families battling childhood cancer. The foundation provides direct financial assistance to children and their families to help all who are affected!

Photo of Leia Hunt, a childhood cancer survivor who founded Leia's Kids, a non profit organization helping to provide direct financial support to families!

Leia's efforts to help families in need is close to her and her family, as they endured similar struggles when Leia was only two years old. As a toddler, Leia was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma, a form of eye cancer that impacts between 200 to 300 children annually. Her battle with childhood cancer resulted in her undergoing 31 surgical procedures, multiple rounds of chemotherapy and ultimately the insertion of a radioactive plaque in her left eye. The radiation helped her beat cancer but left her blind in her left eye. Through all of her hardship, Leia and her family have turned their situation into testimony of hope and faith!
Leia Hunt in front of the Ronald McDonald House. One of Natural Life's favorite non-profits!
Leia's organization has also worked hand-and-hand with one of Natural Life's favorite non-profits, the Ronald McDonald House! This is an organization that we have been giving back to for years!! We love to fill the beautiful rooms provided for families with treasures like Tapestry Blankets, Wall Art, Cozy Socks and tiny Keepsakes to help families during their difficult time! ❤
Leia is truly making a difference and is reaching SO many families in need! She is a true ROCKSTAR! ❤
If you want to read more about Leia and her awesome organization, click here!