More than Me

More than Me is an incredible organization that we believe so much in that we've partnered up to release a More Than Me Capsule Collection! Proceeds from these awesome treasures will go towards providing girls in Liberia, West Africa a safe and free education.
School children in Africa
More than Me all started with a girl. At 11 years old, she was selling herself for clean drinking water, when all she really wanted was to go to school. Katie Meyler founded MTM to meet the needs of her and little girls like her. They opened a school, the MTM Academy, for 150 girls and saw major progress. Then Ebola hit. The world didn’t act quickly enough, and they knew they had to fight to save lives. After spending six months on the front lines fighting Ebola and seeing three students lose their families (and many other children lose their own lives), they realized that their girls would never be safe, never truly thrive, until Liberia does. The first step to rebuilding Liberia is education for all.
Katie Meyler with a young girl in Africa
Liberia’s education system is currently a mess. 65% of primary school age children are out of school, and only 20% of students enrolled in Grade 1, enroll in Grade 12.
Katie Meyler with young children in Africa
With just 4 million people and 1.5 million children, Liberia has tremendous potential. The Ministry of Education has asked MTM to partner with them to replicate their model in Liberian schools and add capacity to the ministry to meet their priorities. MTM is committed to maintaining a center of excellence at their Academy while also scaling their successes into pilot government schools across the country.
Katie Meyler and Patti
MTM anticipates operating 500 schools in 5 years reaching over 250,000 children, with an added benefit of creating 15,000 new, high-quality professional jobs in the health, social work and education field in Liberia.
Katie Meyler and Patti
The More Than Me Capsule Collection by Natural Life, that will help fund these programs, captures their shared passion of making the world a better place by inspiring girls and women to realize their dreams and follow their passions. Together, we are so excited to live for something bigger than ourselves!
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