Not Sure How to Help the Bahamas? Start Here!

The Bahamas hold such a special place in our heart, as it does for everyone, and we are so heartbroken to see all of the devastation that Hurricane Dorian left behind. It has been hard to figure out how to help the Bahamas, but we finally figured out a way!
Jan Healy filling boxes to help women in the Bahamas
Our good friend Jan Healy who founded the charity organization, Renewing Dignity, whose mission is to provide period supplies to girls and women who can’t afford them, flew into action when she heard that menstrual and hygiene supplies were the second highest need in the Bahamas!
The 501(c)(3) will be donating menstrual product to the organization leading the recovery in the Bahamas until the need does not exist. We are so honored to be able to contribute and have donated $1,000 to help support the ongoing trips that they will be making from St. Augustine to Nassau to distribute supplies to those in need in the coming months.