Not to spoil the ending, but everything is going to be ok

It's Such a Mom Thing to Say...

Advice from Kim Vincenty, inspiration behind the FEARLESS Collection!
November 06, 2021
Girl crying

Is a Good Cry Really... Good?

Most people will admit to having at least one good cry since March. As our world closed down and activities came to a screeching halt, fear and anxiety began to rule the day. So why then do we call it a "good cry" when everything seems terrible?
Inspirational Giveback Collection, FEARLESS, featuring flatlay with a tee, mug, book, prayer box and more.

How Our Inspirational Giveback Collection Can Help You Live FEARLESS!

We believe that everyone can make a difference... and everyone should try! 
Girl holding mini canvas tapestry that says No Longer A Slave To Fear

FEARLESS: Face Everything And Rise

A few years ago, Kim Vincenty, a Board Member of OCD Jacksonville, called Patti, Natural Life Founder & CEO, to talk about the possibility of partnering up to “do something together”.