Empower the women around you

She's Making a Difference: Jan Healy

We love highlighting inspiring women who are making a difference in the world! Our friend, Jan Healy, founded an organization called Renewing Dignity, whose mission is to provide period supplies to women and girls in Northeast Florida who can't afford them.
Ava Ingle

Ava Uses her Artwork to Help a Local Organization!

Ava Ingle is a 9-year-old artist who uses her artwork to spread love! When we heard her story we couldn’t wait to share with everyone! She has been a pioneer on the art scene in Jackson, TN and is the first mural artist ever in her area.
As the first mural artist in Jackson, she has gotten a ton of exposure and has been able to network with local artists and leaders in her community.
Girl Talk Chapter at Natural Life Store

Girl Talk: Peer-to-Peer Mentoring for Middle School Girls

We love sharing this amazing organization every chance we get! Girl talk began in 2002 when one high school girl identified a problem and decided to make a difference. Haley Kilpatrick founded the first Girl Talk Chapter in Albany, Georgia, to help her younger sister through the challenging years of middle school.
Anna Wild in her cap with her Beautiful Girl you can do hard things shirt

Beautiful Girl, You Can Do Hard Things!

As 2020 has taken an unexpected turn we all have been finding ourselves looking for areas where we can Be better. Do better. Try harder. But most importantly love more. As a lifestyle brand, we love to share sentiments, that not only speak to us, but that have the potential to speak to the masses! Our goal is that our products and Daily Chirps uplift you on your darkest days, make you smile when when you feel down and truly make a positive impact on your day-to-day life... That's where Anna Wild comes in! 
Collage of photos of Sabreena helping in her community

Sabreena strives to make people happy!

Sabreena is so passionate about her career & patients!

January 25, 2020
Beautiful painted cottage

New Cottage Treasures inspired by the CUTEST town ever!

We have a fun story behind our new cottage treasures that we want to share!!
January 21, 2019
Beautiful Girl You Can Do Hard Things Flatlay

Beautiful Girl You Can Do Hard Things

This simple, but powerful quote is the perfect reminder that you can do anything! We are on a mission to inspire people to Give & Live Happy and we love doing that through our messages and irresistible treasures! 
Girls wrapped in cozy tapestry blankets

This Story About Our Tapestry Blankets Made Us SO Happy!!

Everyone has been LOVING our new tapestry blankets! We can't even keep them in stock and have ran out of them twice already! 
Seek opportunities to show you care. The smallest gesture of ten makes the biggest difference.

John Wooden's Words of Wisdom

We are SO inspired by John Wooden's 7-point creed and the wise words he lived by. He was a hall of fame coach at UCLA who died in June of 2010 at the age of 99.
Up until his death, John Wooden kept a folded-up index card in his wallet. On it was a handwritten 7-point creed that his father had given him as a graduation gift from elementary school. Many say the character and achievements of “Coach Wooden” can be traced back to that piece of paper. We love it and know you will to... even if you aren’t a basketball fan!
Kind people are the best kind of people art graphic

How Brittany is Giving Back in the Hair Salon!

“At the end of the day it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished… it’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’re giving back.” ― Denzel Washington