A Day in the Life at the Natural Life Office

A Peek at our Natural Life Office!

Patti’s talented daughter Madison Hughes created this fun video capturing “a day in the life” of the Natural Life Office! Take a behind-the-scenes peek into our Natural Life family! 
February 26, 2021
watercoloring in sketch book

Do More of What Makes you Happy!

Crafternoon is one of those little things in life that just makes us happy! While we were on our Art & Brand Retreat we all put our paints together and got crafty… we painted shells, sand dollars & driftwood and let our creativity… create!
Behind the scenes This is Madison capturing what makes people HAPPY!

Live Happy... a Mini Documentary Series!

Patti’s daughter, Madison Hughes, created a LIVE HAPPY! mini documentary of Molly Maginnis Ramey, a positive young woman she met recently while exploring California! Molly’s outlook on life inspired Madison to capture her lifestyle and mindset in this short video!