Natural Life loves peace of heart! community

One Person can make a difference and everyone should try!

Two incredible women in our community built an organization making a huge difference for children with Autism (now affecting 1 in 59 children)! Peace of Heart’s vision is to create an environment where a meaningFULLLife for persons with autism can be realized by fostering an atmosphere of love, happiness and belonging by creating possibilities through farming, garden and community interaction!
Easter is April 4th!

Natural Life Treasures make Perfect Little Easter Basket Stuffers ! 

Easter is hopping in early this year! We love slowing down and enjoying the little things! Cooking delicious food, spending quality time with your loved ones & the fresh, new spring flowers just make. us. HAPPY!
Artist Series

Natural Life Artist Collaboration!

We worked with an awesome mother/daughter artist duo, Stephanie and Clare Henderson, to design a few of our new products! Stephanie Henderson's work revolves around bold, saturated color and how colors communicate with each other and affect the observer.
A Day in the Life at the Natural Life Office

A Peek at our Natural Life Office!

Patti’s talented daughter Madison Hughes created this fun video capturing “a day in the life” of the Natural Life Office! Take a behind-the-scenes peek into our Natural Life family! 
February 26, 2021
watercoloring in sketch book

Do More of What Makes you Happy!

Crafternoon is one of those little things in life that just makes us happy! While we were on our Art & Brand Retreat we all put our paints together and got crafty… we painted shells, sand dollars & driftwood and let our creativity… create!
Behind the scenes This is Madison capturing what makes people HAPPY!

Live Happy... a Mini Documentary Series!

Patti’s daughter, Madison Hughes, created a LIVE HAPPY! mini documentary of Molly Maginnis Ramey, a positive young woman she met recently while exploring California! Molly’s outlook on life inspired Madison to capture her lifestyle and mindset in this short video! 
The letter to Terri and her daughter!

This Story Warmed our hearts!

We received a review letting us know that their child's Lucky Little Unicorn's horn broke & unfortunately we didn't carry it any longer. When our CE team came across Terri's review the rest was history! Read the blog to see how they went the extra mile & brightened Terri and her family's holiday!
The 1966 Chevrolet C-10 then & now!

Cars hold so many memories and are like part of the family!

We found out that one of our Customer Experience team members had a family truck that was recently restored, and they agreed to let us borrow it for our photoshoot! The best part about this truck is that the story behind it is just as magical as the way it looks!
February 12, 2021
The Best Card Game Ever: NERTS!

The Best Card Game Ever: NERTS!

Just a few weeks ago, our office was back after the holiday break and Patti had just returned from her trip home to Kansas. She came into the office raving about the most fun card game EVER she had a blast learning and playing. A game so fun she was motivated to make MORE NL playing cards! The game is called NERTS! Read more to learn how to play! 
Milagro Prayer Necklace

Keep this Necklace Close to your Heart❤️

We discovered these adorable, tiny Milagro charms on an inspiration trip and learned how people use them for healing and prayers. We LOVE the idea of putting a charm that represents your biggest prayer for the day in a pocket to wear around your neck to keep it top of mind and close to your heart!
Little St. Simons Island

Natural Life Getaway!

Every day, the Natural Life corporate office is filled with “busy-ness” with very little time to reflect on the magic we are creating or to enjoy the little things together. The craving to SLOW DOWN with the team that works so hard inspired an idea to plan an annual Artist/Brand Retreat! 
Tunic-in-a-Bag & Skirt-in-a-Bag

We’re Obsessed with our new Tunic-in-a-Bag & Skirt-in-a-Bag!

We’re so obsessed with our NEW “Tunic-in-a-Bag” & “Skirt-in-a-Bag"!! The original concept of these spawned from our love of traveling…and traveling lightly!