Trust Your Gut… It Just Might Save a Life!

You know those instances when something just feels off and you feel pulled towards a certain direction even though it’s uncomfortable and you might not know what is on the other side? Well, one of our customers shared the most incredible story with us. The way she narrates is just like a movie and we knew we had to share it with everyone! If you ever have the chance to make a difference in someone’s life, do it!

Read her story below ❤️

"This past Sunday, my daughter came home from work around 9:30 in the evening and told us that there was a suspicious car at the bottom of our street. We live in the country and are surrounded by acres and acres of woods. There are only three houses on our road so when there is a vehicle that doesn’t belong, we notice right away. My husband, Brian, went down to investigate. 
When he got to the bottom of our driveway, he was shocked to see that a car had driven off of the bridge and flipped into the creek. There was a man trapped inside, screaming for help and laying on the horn. My husband was able to get him out and fortunately he was unscathed. My husband forgot his phone at our house and the man could not get reception on his phone so my husband drove him to the top of the road to get a signal. Brian was in shock and didn’t think to drive back up to our house.
In the meantime my daughters and I were getting worried because Brian had been gone for awhile and we couldn’t get ahold of him because he had forgotten his phone. We went down to look for him and instantly were overcome by hysteria when we saw what we thought was his car flipped in the creek. We got out and realized it wasn’t his car, but it was empty and Brian was nowhere to be found. We frantically called 911 because we couldn’t understand what had happened. They dispatched it as a possible kidnapping because my daughter had seen what she thought was a suspicious vehicle and now my husband was missing! While on the phone with 911 my husband returned with the driver of the vehicle. It turned out that the man was a driver for Amazon and it was his very first night on the job. He had picked up a second job to make some extra Christmas money and got lost, didn’t have reception, and ended up crashing his car on our dark, windy road.  
It was an emotional rollercoaster of a night because we went from feeling sheer terror thinking that something awful had happened to Brian, to insurmountable joy and gratitude that he was okay, to sadness for the driver who was experiencing great despair. I knew I had to do something. 
The next day I shared this story on Facebook and said that I was going to make it my mission to hunt down the driver and give him some money. Friends and family came out of the woodwork wanting to donate money to the driver. I called Amazon and asked them if they could have their driver, by the name of Israel, reach out to me because he had forgotten his phone charger in Brian’s car. In the meantime I went about collecting donations and we were able to raise $1,680 to help Israel with his expenses and help change a scary and lousy night into something beautiful. We believe we were meant to cross paths for a reason and we will definitely keep in touch. Israel was absolutely floored and couldn’t say thank you enough."
Jenny ❤️
Brian and his family, along with the driver, Israel.

Brian and his family, along with the driver, Israel.

Israel's Facebook post after they surprised him with a check to help with the financial burden of his car accident.

Israel's Facebook post after they surprised him with a check to help with the financial burden of his car accident.

There are everyday heroes all around us, just like Brian and his incredible family! We think it’s so cool that we get to be a tiny part of it! Thanks so much for sharing this story with us and your dedication to go above and beyond making a difference for a complete stranger!

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