Transformation Tuesday

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over... it became a butterfly! Wow, we sure can relate to that! Patti started the best. email. chain. ever and we all took a hilarious walk down memory lane. The Natural Life family dusted off those old photo albums and revealed their horribly adorable childhood photos! Enjoy below :)
Bailey, our National Sales Manager, not sure which look we love more...
Uni-game strong! Natalie, our Marketing Manager, embraced her inner-beauty and has since blossomed into a brilliant, outgoing and beautiful gal!
The hilarious thing about this photo is that Katie, our Creative Director, found the picture on the left in a scrapbook and her cousin, Aaron, was directly above. The perfect mistake. P.S- those haircuts were SO in! (...or so our mom's say)
Jamie's mom had these hand-painted portraits done and we love her for it. Our Customer Experience team would not be the same... or near as funny without you!
Korrie, our amazing Marketing Director, we have no idea what decade the left picture was taken in ;)
We just have to ask Brittany, our super-talented Graphic Designer, "Where's the flood?"
Deborah, our Office Coordinator who is always adding fun (and yummy) events to our Outlook Calendar, is totally unrecognizable!
Ahhh, the awkward years... Carolyn, our Social Media Coordinator, you'll make it through!
DRUMROLLS please...
Patti! The reason Natural Life is able to inspire girls and women to be themselves and Live Happy! She is our Founder, CEO and Creative Officer. Here's her story: My mom took me out of school one day in 7th grade for an afternoon of appointments… glasses, braces and yup, an afro perm... all in one day! This is the only photo I have to prove that story is REAL! I can’t believe my mom thought that was a good idea…I look back and feel sorry for myself. But why? Funny thing is that I was totally okay with myself… no one bullied back then… I had a wonderful, simple childhood... I was so happy! It's clear that being a kid in middle school is harder these days with social media and all the stuff the media hypes as cool…. and I’m not sure how or why bullying became so widespread. I love that Natural Life inspires girls to be strong…and can be a little spark of inspiration that gives people something to hold onto… hope, courage, happiness. So seriously…if you think you have an awkward stage worth sharing… let’s have a contest for best photo!!! And we can all continue to think of ways to inspire girls today to stay strong when times get tough… we all know we make it through and then we get to look back and laugh!
You grow up the day you have your first real laugh at yourself
Amen, Patti, amen!