We LOVE Rion Paige!

Rion Paige
Inspiration came to us in a refreshing and exuberant little package with bouncy blonde curls and an infectious laugh.
Thirteen-year-old country artist Rion Paige is a Jacksonville native and X-Factor finalist who is making waves in the entertainment industry. She has a huge heart, contagious energy, and a positive attitude about life while dealing with a rare condition from childhood, arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, that limits mobility in her hands. Rion sings from her soul and is an amazing role model for girls everywhere with her sunny disposition, confidence and passion for following her dreams.
Bailey, Patti, Rion, Alisa (Rion's Mom), and Lisa
Recently, this young and amazing talent crossed our path, through a network of dedicated ladies at our flagship store in the Avenues Mall here in Jacksonville. This led to an even more exciting opportunity to have Rion perform at our annual music festival.
Amongst giggles and goofy faces, this emerging young artist made an immediate impression on everyone in our office. Her laugh and optimistic outlook on life is so contagious and we can’t wait to welcome her as a guest performer at this year’s Community First Natural Life Music Festival March 16th,2014 at Metro Park from 11AM – 6PM.
Rion also recently attended the Natural Life Chapter of Girl Talk where she and many other middle school aged girls came together to share their life experiences, provide peer-to-peer support and join in fun bonding through crafts and activities.
Rion Paige and Halle Hughes share laughs at a Girl Talk chapter meeting
Keep your eye on this one. Rion is a mighty message in a small package and she plans to share her voice and message with the world!