We ❤️ Painted Pumpkins!

Fall festivities aren't complete without pumpkin decorating! We split into teams (with an artist on each one haha) and had SO much fun crafting up our own unique pumpkin! It's amazing what we can create when we all work together!


A minion, a Natural Life owl, our very own Patti Pumpkin!, the most ADORABLE airstream camper and a Mardi Gras pumpkin made up our gang


How adorable is Bob the Minon?!


Our very own Patti Pumpkin... complete with her two staples... Lays and Starbucks!


This AMAZING airstream camper was loved by all! It has actual Natural Life (super-tiny) Festival Flag Garland and a phone inside with Folk Music playing and the flash light on! Can you guess who won? Haha!


This Natural Life themed owl is a hoot! It has a handcrafted look just like our owl treasures!


Congratulations to the much-deserved winners!


... and funny points to the Patti Pumpkin!

Let us know in the comments which one is your fav! ?❤️