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Everyone loves the Boho Bandeau® and all the different ways to wear them! We’re obsessed with the Netflix show, Outer Banks, and have been so excited to see our Boho Bandeaus worn by Kiara Carrera (played by Madison Bailey)! All of the Outer Banks outfits are so cute and we especially love Madison Bailey’s effortless, Bohemian style. We’re huge fans of hers already and so ecstatic that she loves our headbands too!

Boho Bandeaus are the best hair accessory ever… so soft, versatile and easy to wear! We like to call them “effortless outfit makers” and love that they’re a wide headband that’s snug enough to not slip on your head but stretchy enough so they don’t give you a headache! You can wear them more than 12 ways with 100+ colors and patterns to choose from! These super cute hair accessories are perfect for wearing in everyday life no matter what activity you’re doing. From camping to exercising to just hanging out, they stay in place and look awesome paired with any outfit! We’ve heard from so many nurses, waitresses, moms and even women going through chemotherapy that our Boho Bandeaus have made a difference in their lives. It makes our hearts so happy to know that we can help provide comfort and happiness during a difficult time. We make new prints and styles often that we know our customers will love… check back often to see all the new designs!