Other Cute Car Stuff

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We love creating things that make everyday life more fun! We spend so much time in our cars whether it’s driving to work, running around town doing errands or on fun road trips… so it only makes sense that our cars are little places that inspire us to be happy! We make so many different car accessories that we needed a place on our website for all of the treasures that didn’t quite fit anywhere else… welcome to our catchall Other Cute Car Stuff Collection! In here you can find sweet hanging faux succulents in critter shapes like a llama or sloth! Other favorites are our car coasters that soak up leaks and spills, pop up car trash bins that keep your car tidy, car magnets to inspire everyone else on the road with you and car tissues that fit right in your cup holders! Each cute car accessory features an inspiring sentiment with fun artwork… making it the perfect gift for a girl of any age or to deck out your own car! It’s been so exciting to see that other people love decorating with car accessories and buying car gifts for loved ones as much as we do! We're so excited to continue creating treasures that inspire people to Give & Live Happy!