Things To Be Grateful For

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Spreading positivity with the messages that speak to us is the heart and soul of Natural Life. We hear from so many people all around the world that they love the inspirational messages on the treasures we make and daily posts we share on Instagram and Facebook. We wanted to start spreading them in even more ways so we started sending these messages in a daily email and adding them to our favorite treasures!

We didn’t want to just call them these graphics “posts” so we put our heads together to come up with a fun new name for them! Since they make people feel cheerful, we looked up other words for “happy”, and “chirpy” came up. We instantly knew that Natural Life Chirp was the perfect name.

When you tell us that you love a certain Chirp, we make a new collection with that quote and artwork and fill the shop with tons of irresistible treasures and clothes like t-shirtsblanketsstickerscandleswater bottles and lots more, all reminding you to live happy! That makes us all so connected- the Natural life Family and our incredible customers and followers who reach out to us. You are such an important part of creating this happy & hopeful brand! We hope you have fun looking through this Chirp Collection that features one of our most-loved quotes, “Things to be grateful for” with a few of our favorite things like a dog, cat, sun, bike, ice cream and more!

We created Chirp phone wallpapers! Download them here!