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We had the BEST time on our artist retreat trip just spending time together, slowing down and hanging out, doing crafts, playing classic games and drinking wine! We reminisced on our favorite games while teaching each other new ones too! We couldn’t wait to come home and recreate some of these happy childhood memories! We got right to work putting a “Natural Life” spin all of the classics… jacks, cats cradle and playing cards featuring inspiring sentiments and pretty artwork! Our perfect weekend is ordering yummy food, staying in with close friends and learning a new craft! We created a fun Tie-Dye Kit complete with everything you need… 5 colors of dye, a white Boho Bandeau, scrunchie and pair of socks! Our tassel and pom pom DIY kit is so much fun and the finished pieces are perfect for a colorful garland, little things to decorate your room, as a present topper or even to hang from your keys. One of our new favorite gifts is the surprise ball! It has a ton of colored crepe streamers and 10 fun surprises inside to unravel one at a time! We have such happy and nostalgic childhood memories and hope you have fun recreating this magic with the treasures in our Fun & Games Collection!