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Anxiety is real and so much more common than you think! We all need to help reduce the stigma and talk about it like we do physical illnesses… so people can be comfortable getting diagnosed and getting help! Once a person accepts that have anxiety and begins the healing process, they become FEARLESS! To help make a difference, we created the FEARLESS Give Back Collection with Kim Vincenty, a passionate mother and friend of ours.

Our FEARLESS Give Back Collection is a movement to educate, empower and reduce the stigma of anxiety disorders. We created this collection of inspirational products with a portion of proceeds that are donated to organizations in our community that support mental illness. Each item features a relatable sentiment about anxiety and helps you realize that you’re not alone. Some of our favorite treasures like graphic tees, blankets, mugs and wall décor feature encouraging sentiments like, "Not to spoil the ending, but everything is going to be OK" and “Today I will not stress about things I can’t control”.

Treasures in our FEARLESS Give Back Collection make the perfect gift for someone who is struggling with anxiety or someone who wants to help reduce the stigma of mental illnesses! Visit our FEARLESS resource page to learn more about anxiety and what you can do to help!