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All girls have matching friendship bracelets… they’re just called hair ties! We make tons of cute hair accessories that make life more fun! From colorful scrunchies to versatile boho bands to unique hair clips, you’ll find the perfect one you love to wear every day. They make the perfect gift because you can never have too many hair ties! A few of our favorites are scrunchies with super fun details like velvet, fuzzy faux fur, oversized designs, pom poms or crochet and Barcelona bands that keep your hair in place and tangle-free! Everyone loves the Boho Bandeau® and all the different ways to wear them! They are the best hair accessory ever… so soft, versatile and easy to wear! We like to call them “effortless outfit makers” and love that they’re a wide headband that’s snug enough to not slip on your head but stretchy enough so they don’t give you a headache! There are more than 100 fun prints and styles to choose from and 12+ ways to wear! Boho Bands are one of our most loved hair accessories and so many people have requested them so we brought them back! There are a ton of colorful prints to choose from and so many different ways to wear. You can wear it as a headband to keep your hair back, as a hairband in a ponytail or on your wrist as a cute bracelet. Hair Clips have been so fun to make! Each one is made with a ton of love and attention with unique features like embroidery, trim, yarn and bright prints. It’s so fun to look through all of the different styles to find your favorite or to give as a gift. Natural Life Scrunchies and hair clips make perfect stocking stuffers, gifts for teens and girls or just a little surprise for someone special!