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It’s the little things that make life more fun… like cute stationery that makes you happier and more organized! Natural Life stationery treasures are perfect for any girl… literally from 8-80 but especially for girls going back to campus, teachers starting a new school year and anyone looking to make their home office or work desk a more inspiring place. A few of our favorite things are journals, calendars, agendas, spiral notebooks, stickers and clipfolios, which are a clipboard, notepad and portfolio all in one! Natural Life stickers feature an inspiring sentiment and pretty artwork that makes you and the person who see it so happy! We put them on pretty much every surface they’ll stick to… from our laptop to water bottle to car. Whether you’re back to school shopping, looking for unique teacher gifts or want some inspiring treasures to make your home or office more fun, you can find the perfect little thing in our Stationery shop!