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Junk Market Jewelry

Junk Market Jewelry


Step 1: Pick out a necklace, bracelet, boho band or keychain.

Step 2: Pick out any unique charms and treasures to add to your piece.

Step 3: Don't forget your bag!


One of the best presents you can give is a personalized piece of jewelry that honors the recipient and the bond that the two of you share. Our junk market jewelry collection allows you to design a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece for that one-of-a-kind person!

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Start by selecting the foundation – take your pick between a bracelet, necklace, boho band, or keychain. With so many options, it’s easy to choose just the right length or style.

Mix and match a variety of charms to build your a special piece. Our vintage-inspired charms are fun to rummage through, and we make it simple to combine them with initials, sentiments and hobbies. Additionally, we have colorful tassels, lockets, pearls, and beads that adds a fun flair to the jewelry even more!

Pick and choose your favorite charms, and don’t forget to add our perfectly sized drawstring gift bag to your order for a protective and tidy presentation. With various options, it’s a cinch to build the exact gift you’re looking for in just a few clicks!

Our clever boho jewelry is the perfect way to say thanks to your mom or congratulate your BFF on a special accomplishment. You’re sure to brighten up someone’s day with such a thoughtful and touching present, and you’ll feel great knowing that you created a gift that’s entirely unique. You’ll love putting it all together, and they’ll feel loved knowing how much you care!

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