Everyone loves the Boho Bandeau and all the ways to wear it!

Boho Bandeaus are soft, versatile and easy to wear making them the best hair accessory ever! They are “effortless outfit makers” you can wear more than 12 ways with 100+ colors and patterns to choose from!

Hats & Restickable Patches

Choose your favorite Hangout Hat and change the look every day with our Restickable Patches!

The Travel Happy Suitcase

We’ve ALWAYS wanted to make a Natural Life suitcase! Not only is it more fun for your suitcase to feel like a fashion accessory, but it’s also incredibly functional and stands out in the sea of solid-colored suitcases at the airport!

The prettiest jewelry storage ever!

Hand-painted cabinets for the top of your dresser, or cute little dishes for your nightstand! Pair with a piece of Natural Life jewelry to make the perfect gift!

Renewing Dignity GiveBack Collection

Renewing Dignity was founded by our friend, Jan Healy. In collaboration with partnering organizations, they are dedicated to eliminating “period poverty” through direct period product distribution, education and advocacy. When we heard Jan’s idea, we couldn’t wait to help her! One of the first ideas we had was adding Period Pouches to the Natural Life assortment. A portion of the proceeds are donated back to Renewing Dignity.