We just got back from an AMAZING weekend at the Ron Jon Beach 'N Boards Fest. It was so much fun meeting our customers and introducing more to the Natural Life magic!
One part of the tent was for sticker and treasure giveaways! They went SO fast... we probably could've brought triple the amount!!
The other part was for fun hands-on crafts... just like our Crafternoon we used to host!
God's Eyes is always a favorite. It's so simple and therapeutic... people were hanging out for hours in our comfy beanbag chairs making their masterpieces!
We got SO many compliments on our tent and set up! Now more than ever, people appreciate bright and happy treasures... we're so grateful to be a part of this movement!
The entire weekend was filled with surfing, skating, wake boarding and volleyball... it was so inspiring to see everyone follow their passions... a six-year old boy skating, a teen girl skating with all the guys, a little girl all the way from Australia competing in the surf competition and people traveling all over the world on their spring break.
God's Eyes... fun for parents & kids!
Everyone had so much fun with our scarf craft! They chose their fabric, favorite Junk Market charm and tied it on their wrist, ankle, neck or hair. We also had our Happy Notes Coloring Books so people could hang out and color.
View of our tent from inside! Our Graphic Artist, Maia, designed this just like she does with a lot of our products ... she is AMAZING!!! capture2
Everyone we met was SO nice! We met people from Canada, New Jersey, Australia and of course, Cocoa Beach!
Our tent pretty much looked like this the entire time... it made time fly right by!
And we were right next to GoPro's tent! They traveled all the way from their HQ in San Francisco... we can't wait to see them again! Morgan's wearing our V-Neck Pocket Tee and new Hangout Hat and Carolyn is wearing our new Sleeveless Hangout Dress with a Metal Medallion Necklace... the perfect clothes to hangout in all day long! capture6
Our amazing assortment in Ron Jon! We loved their merchandising and no matter how crazy busy the store was, everything always looked spotless! It was so fun meeting one of our favorite retailers!! We can't wait for next year!!
May 29, 2017