We always say it... but somehow our Halloween costumes get better and better every year! This year we had 10 winning groups... and YES, we had prizes... cash prizes!! We have such a gifted office of creators and visionaries that Halloween is always our time to shine! 

Of course our little party was accompanied with a spooky sandwich bar, fun music and even a costume parade in our courtyard! We love celebrating the little things and letting our goofy side show in the office... Get ready for some creative costumes! 


Drumroll please... Chelsea and Carrington WON Halloween! They spent the past month creating these life-sized Natural Life Russian Nesting Dolls out of chicken wire & paper maché! They always outdo themselves, but they REALLY went all out this year... our Product Development team even named the dolls Chelsea and Carrington... look at the resemblance! Go Chels and Carrington!  

 Who let the cats out.... Who who who! Kelly and Zack pur-fected their costume as the Tiger King and Carol Baskins!!

And the best group award goes to... Patti, Lisa, Allison and Lesli!! They were the cutest lounge singers who sang a very harmonized Monster Mash!  

 We all thought that Elizabeth couldn't get any cuter and then she shows up as an Alligator Farm Tender... who looks that stylish in Dickies!? Her and her alligator, Beatrice stole the show!

The Big Lebowski! Erika and Christa are always two peas in a pod during Halloween and their duo costumes NEVER disappoint... the year before, they won 'scariest' for their super realistic costumes of The Shining! 

Okayyyy Erin! You can't help but smile looking at her and her cute belly! Erin was Prego for Halloween... Literally! 

Miranda really pulled off her cute scarecrow look and won... cutest? We don't know what her winning title was but she sure looked good doing it! 

Katie, Sara & Danielle dressed up as a Guess Who board and dressed like people from our office! Chelsea, Danny and Lizz were all flattered that they were chosen as a costume this year! 

Lizz and Evangeline were Ghost Busters and Baby Slime... BABY SLIME! Look how cute they were! She was the perfect Halloween accessory 😊

Danny won scariest with his version of Mike Meyers... But the best part about his costume is that he is wearing our Billy Jumpsuit!! Should we add this photo to our website?! 😉


We always have so much fun with our Natural Life family & look forward to our office events.. especially when we can dress up! If you have any ideas for our next office Halloween party, comment them below! 

November 04, 2020