Natural Life Valentine's Day Gifts


Valentine's Day is such a sweet time to show your loved ones just how much they mean to you. Whether it's a treasure from the heart or a fun DIY project, we compiled a few of our favorite things to give!

1. Mug Sets The week can get so long and stressful. It's important to have a relaxing weekend ritual like enjoying a hot drink and unwinding with your love ☕️


Mug Sets



Cute story! "We truly loved our, 'I love you, Love you more mugs!!' For the past nineteen years of marriage, when my husband says I love you I always say I love you more!! So when our daughter got the mugs for us for Christmas this year, we were pleasantly surprised!! Who knew it was a common saying!? Thank you Natural Life!!"- Guest

2. DIY Bath Bombs We love that Galentine's Day has become a thing. Your BFFs are an important part of your life so it's fun to treat them too... plus these are so fun to make together!


DIY Bath Bombs


Photo Credit: Adventures in Making Blog

3. Prayer Boxes There's power in writing down your worries and blessings. It helps clear your head and it's so encouraging to check back and see how your prayers have been answered.


Prayer Boxes


Sweet Customer Story! "What a joy to see my daughter writing her prayers down each night! She loves reading back over them to see how the Lord has answered them."- Kim Z.

4. Big Gold Balloons There's really no occasion that giant gold balloons don't work for. Honestly, you just can't go wrong.

Big Gold Balloons


Photo Cred: Amidst the Chaos

5. Gold V-Day Decor To pair with your gold balloons! We're obsessed with everything gold foil & sparkles!! Perfect decor for a Galentine's Day Party or a romantic dinner for two.


Gold V-Day Decor


6. DIY Wood Carving There's something so sweet and fascinating about discovering carved initials in the woods. Create the look yourself using just two materials!


DIY Wood Carving


Photo Cred: A Night Owl Blog

7. Kara Kimono This Silk Kimono looks awesome with jeans, over a dress or worn with a bathing suit... plus it's one size fits most so you don't have to worry about picking a size!


Kara Kimono


8. Cute Pup Card No judgement if you get Valentine's Day gifts for your dog... we may or may not do the same! But this is also perfect for your puppy-loving friends and fam!


Cute Pup Card


Cute Story! "I ordered a birthday gift and this was the perfect card to accompany it. I have two daughters and I love the positive, empowering messages on the Natural Life products. I'm focused on instilling confidence in my daughters and encourage them to believe in themselves and their dreams. These products send the right message and are beautiful! I love gifting a bit of happiness!"- Jessica L.

9. Happy Notes Coloring Book This is truly a perfect gift for anyone... young and old! Instead of being glued to your phone, it feels so good to take a mental break and channel your creative side. The finished pages are fun to include in cards or pass out to strangers who may need a pick-me-up!


Happy Notes Coloring Book


10. DIY Hanging Flower Heart Get crafty for this DIY Hanging Heart! It's so cute it can stay up all year long!

DIY Hanging Flower Heart


Photo Cred: A Beautiful Mess

11. Jamie Kimono We reallyyyy love Kimonos... can you tell? They're just so perfect for adding a little something to an otherwise boring outfit. Also it's great if you're like us and are always cold. They're not heavy but sometimes just having a little something makes all the difference!

Jamie Kimono


12. Gold Rimmed Trinket Dish We're all about easy and effortless gifts that still hit right to the heart. These come in a ready-to-go box with an original Natural Life print.


Gold Rimmed Trinket Dish


13. "Love" Earring Set You know what goes great with Trinket Dishes? Jewelry! It's a classic pair... just like PB & J! Plus these earrings are so simple you can wear 'em everyday!


"Love" Earring Set


14. Fries Before Guys Printable TRUTH!! ? +we are obsessed with Studio DIY! (who isn't)


Fries Before Guys Printable


Photo Credit: Studio DIY

15. Coffee Daisy Keepsake makes the world go 'round... so this is really saying a lot!

Coffee Daisy Keepsake


16. Boho Bandeau Versatile, comfy, colorful, soft, stretchy, lightweight, easy to wear... pretty much all around amazing! Honestly our customers put it best... click here to read all of the amazing ways Boho Bandeaus have inspired people (scroll to the bottom).


Boho Bandeau


17. Hammock Table We love rustic fixtures made with reclaimed barn wood! It's so cute for hanging on your porch or next to your bed.

Hammock Table


Photo Cred: Grindstone Design

18. Bud Vase Perfect for putting on the Hammock Table to freshen your space with fresh lavender or eucalyptus branches!

Bud Vase


19. Glass Trays An adorable catch-all for jewelry, keys, coins and tiny treasures. Glass Trays are like a card you don't throw away!

Glass Tray
Glass Tray


20. DIY Floral Ice Cubes Prettiest. Ice. Cubes. Ever! And it's so easy! Just combine water and edible flowers, pour it in a mason jar and give with an ice cube tray. It's so unique and such a fun detail for parties, showers and brunches!

DIY Floral Ice Cubes


Photo Cred: The View from Great Island

21. Water Bottles Keep those New Years Resolutions alive with a fun water bottle that inspires you while keeping water cold for hours!

Water Bottle


Customer Story "I simply cannot get enough of this water bottle. It is adorable - I get so many compliments on it. It never "sweats" (with condensation) or reflects the temperature of the inside contents; it's amazing. I bring it everywhere. I can't stress enough how much you need this product."- Guest

22. "Love" Wire Word Ring Such a sweet, simple, every day reminder that they are loved ? Each one comes with a decorative pom-pom... because why not?


"Love" Wire Word Ring


23. Phone Pockets Truly the gift of convenience. Everyone's skeptical until they get one! Seriously... we don't even use a wallet anymore. Card, ID and you're good to go! Perfect for concerts and football games.


Phone Pocket


"I am so happy I decided to buy this phone pocket before class one day! As a college student, I always have to carry an ID card and this is a good way to stand out from the crowd by having one that looks fun and colorful. I've been using it for a few weeks now and it still looks brand new. Definitely recommend. Thanks Natural Life"- Daisha C.

24. Crystal Heart Necklace Heartfelt Natural Life sentiments, original artwork and a crystal heart charm... such a sweet combination!


Crystal Heart Necklace


25. Bungalow Keepsakes A perfect daily reminder to hang on the wall, display at work or by a bedside table!

Bungalow Keepsakes


26. Ceramic Giving Plate Fill it up and pass it on! This is such a fun tradition for family, neighbors or your group of friends!

Ceramic Giving Plate


27. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Valentine's Day Hearts To pair with the Giving Plate! Can't go wrong with cookie dough!!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Valentine's Day Hearts


28. Lounge Shorts So comfortable! The best shorts for hanging around the house, sleeping or wearing over a bathing suit. Find the perfect pair with pom-poms or fringe!


Lounge Shorts


29. Glitter & Gold Keychains We love little gifts that our loved ones will use everyday! It's comforting to know they'll think of us every time they use it ?

Glitter & Gold Keychains


30. Reusable Gift Bags So many awesome designs, sayings and sizes! They're perfect for when you bought a little gift but want to give a bit more. Super sturdy and durable for using again & again!

Reusable Gift Bags


31. Give Love Laugh Bracelets Super simple and easy to match with anything! The ready-to-give box and heartfelt paragraph make it such a meaningful gift!

Give Love Laugh Bracelets


32. Date Night Jar Think out of the box (or mason jar) and come up with some fresh and new date ideas for the year! No more "I don't know, what do you want to do?" back and forth!


Date Night Jar


33. Gift Sets Take the work out of gift giving but keep the thoughtfulness! Each Gift Set comes pre-packaged with some of our most-loved treasures and themed around coziness, driving and happiness!


Gift Sets


Customer Story! "I bought this for my daughter as one of her Christmas gifts. She is a Senior in college and is wrapping up her final semester and is now student teaching. She has good and bad days just like the rest of us. I wanted to be able to give her something that she can not only incorporate into her classroom but little glimmers of hope for her life."- Lorie L.


Love Flatlay
February 14, 2015