We are always on a mission to inspire women to Give and Live Happy! A few weeks ago, Patti and her daughters set out to do just that! First, they went to visit The Pink House, part of See The Girl and The Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center. Their mission is to engage communities, organizations and individuals through quality research, community organizing, advocacy, training and model programming to advance the rights of girls and young women, especially those in the justice system.
Patti and her daughters visiting The Pink House
It was their annual Open House where the girls that they serve come and shop from the Natural Life donations for themselves and gifts for their loved ones for the holidays. The Pink House was donated to the foundation after it was fully restored. It was so cute!!! It was wonderful to see the house, meet the director, social workers and some of the girls! One came on with a scarf we gave her a couple months ago at a summit they had!
Patti and one of the girls wearing a scarf we gave her a couple months ago at a summit they had
They were so nice…and so appreciative of Natural Life’s donations. They had an orchid ready to give to Patti!
Patti and her daughters visiting The Pink House
After the Pink House, they were on their own mission to create Random Acts of Kindness! They prepared 50 tote bags filled with loads of treasures to hand out to women they saw out and about that looked like they may be a mom or grandma. The tote was full of things they could give to girls and women as gifts for Christmas! It was so much fun to see how happy it made people... we want to make more!!
Girls putting together tote bags of treasures
Sorting all of the treasures!!
Chasing down an unknowing recipient! What a surprise!
Giving someone a tote bag filled with treasures
It really is the little things that mean the most... like a sweet hug that shows just how appreciative this woman was! Even though the holidays are over, we believe the giving season never truly ends!
January 16, 2017