A little gift can brighten anyone’s day! We love pairing little treasures together to make gift giving even better… that’s why we made Happy Boxes! These ready-to-give keepsake boxes are filled with 6 of our most-loved treasures and make gift giving super easy… perfect for yourself or a loved one!


Happy Boxes are so magical… they can be a little act of happy that someone might really need.

We LOVE hearing our customers' stories of how they connect with our brand. A lot of the time we hear how the sayings on our products have impacted their lives. Recently, a customer reached out to tell us a funny story about how her sister ended up receiving a Happy Box that was actually meant for her... but it was her sister who actually really needed it that day!

The message reads, “I wanted to let you know the Happy Box arrived at my sister's doorstep yesterday. There's actually a good story about that!

Sissy had a very hard day yesterday. She worked very late (business owner life) and had to fire one of her longtime employees that she's known for 25 years. I had forgotten to tell her I was using her as my delivery location so she wasn't expecting a package. When it arrived, she assumed it was something I'd sent for her. She asked if it was something that was going to make her cry and before I could answer she said "Too late. I'm bawling". I didn't correct her.

So I want you to know that although I won the Happy Box, the Lord saw fit and arranged for it to go to someone who really needed it that day. Thank you on her behalf.”

Thank you, Bethany for sharing your story! We are SO HAPPY to hear that our Happy Box was able to brighten up your sister’s day.

March 16, 2023
Tags: Treasures