We LOVE making a space HAPPY. And admittedly, we’re constantly moving our office nooks around to encourage and inspire creativity and positivity. Let’s just say, we take one of our fav sayings “Think Happy, Be Happy” pretty seriously. So, whenever we have the opportunity, we like to add a little “Natural Life magic” in hopes that others might catch the happy and free spirit we try to embody.
That being said, we wanted to share one of our recent makeovers.
(Undoubtedly, this is a gorgeous space. However, it was lacking a strong dose of the awesomeness needed to inspire us.)
Living Room
Living Room
Needless to say, none of us wanted to leave - and we even might have asked to spend the night!
How we did it:
India Blankets, Pillows, Inspiration Flag Sets, Pompom Scarf, Garland (and LOTS of fresh, colorful flowers!!)
September 19, 2014
Tags: Early Days