Can you imagine spending the entire summer driving across the country with your sister, stopping at some of America's most breathtaking landmarks? Well, that's exactly what Rachel and Becca did! They took off with just the necessities (Yeti cooler, gas stove, 1980 Ford Bronco which also doubles as their bed, kitchen and suitcase, and of course a few Natural Life treasures!). See their amazing trek below!
Natural Life car accessories
No adventure is complete without a fun Steering Wheel Cover, comfy Lounge Shorts, Pop-Up Hamper, Chip Clips, Journals, On the Go Cups, Cozies, Beach Towel Blanket and Compact Brush!
2 girls in the mountains
They only traveled via tires and boots!
How cozy! And that view!
Air Fresheners... a must-have!
Making food while camping 
Eating pretty good for being in the middle of the woods!!
Mountain views
How gorgeous is Glacier National Park!?!
Mountain views
Breathtaking view in the Grand Teton National Park!
The North Cascades 
The North Cascades!
Smores by the fire 
The perfect ending to every day!
What do you do when it's raining? Snack, play cards and cuddle up!
Stopping to snack along the Jones Creek Trail in Theodore Roosevelt National Park!
Family hiking
And their dad even visited them in Glacier National Park!
2 girls on the beach
Indiana Sand Dunes on Lake Michigan & our Beach Towel Blanket!!
See their route!
Jacksonville, FL>>Shenandoah National Park, VA>>Niagara Falls, NY>>Adirondacks, NY>>Acadia National Park, ME>>Quebec, Canada>>Ottawa, Canada>>Sault St. Marie, MI>>Duluth, MN>>Theodore Roosevelt National Park, ND>>Mount Rushmore National Memorial, SD>>Yellowstone National Park, WY>>Grand Teton National Park, WY>>Glacier National Park, MT>>North Cascades National Park, WA>>Vancouver, Canada>>Mount Rainier National Park, WA>>Portland, OR>>Mount Hood, OR>>Crater Lake National Park, OR>>Redwood National Park, CA>>San Francisco, CA>>Yosemite National Park, CA>>Havasupai Reservation, AZ>>Grand Canyon South RIm, AZ>>Zion National Park, UT>>Bryce National Park, UT>>Canyonlands National Park, UT>>Arches National Park, UT>>Colorado Springs, CO>>Jacksonville, FL
See their entire trip here!
June 20, 2016