SO many of you reached out to us over social media asking for our Toddy® recipe! Well, your wish has been granted!

We celebrated our expectant mothers last week and our Director of Creative Resources, Allison, made her famous Toddy® for the whole office!

What is Toddy, you ask? Essentially, it’s a cold brew coffee with a special brewing process that makes the flavor to DIE for! To get the desired results, you will need a Toddy Cold Brew System, which makes it possible to create the deliciousness, and a few other essential ingredients.
Allison gave us the go-ahead to share her super-secret recipe with you guys… so here it is:


One can of Cafe du Monde Coffee with Chicory

Brew overnight in a Toddy maker

Once drained into the carafe, add one cup simple syrup

For a big group:
Mix entire carafe with 2 gallons of your choice of milk, oat milk, almond milk or water

For yourself:
Keep carafe in refrigerator… you only need a little toddy to make a big drink!  Make it hot or cold with milk or water!


The obsession is real with Toddy Coffee in the Natural Life office, and we just know you guys will love it as well! We think it tastes even better in a Natural Life Folk Art Coffee Mug.
If you’re on the go, one of our Stainless Steel Coffee Tumbler would be PERFECT to keep your Toddy nice and cold throughout the day!
We hope you guys enjoy your Toddy!
March 16, 2023