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Sometimes miracles are just good people with kind hearts. Believe in miracles.
We don’t have that kind of Brand Ambassador Program…
but we LOVE to share stories and send Natural Life treasures to girls & women who are making the world a better place in their local communities! Nothing inspires us more than hearing stories about kindness, giving, helping, caring & doing. We’ll share some of the incredible stories we receive in hopes that they inspire others to think about how they can make a difference too!
Making the World a Better Place: Ansley’s Story
Ansley is such an inspiration to everyone around her! Her story was submitted to us and halfway through reading it, we knew that we needed to send her a big box of Natural Life Happy!! Read her story below!
"@ansleybilyeu is the most radiant human. Ansley traveled to Tanzania this past summer with Young Life and held medical clinics for the Maasai people. While she was there, Ansley conducted research on their new water filters and how well they were serving the communities they reached. Not only did she bring the Tanzania people clean water, but she carried joy and love with her wherever she went. Her kindness beams like no other. She is RADIANT. She embodies all that is good and is truly a light in a world that can sometimes be dark. She is triumphant, smart, passionate, and graceful to no end. I am forever grateful to have her beautiful spirit and kind heart in my life. She really is making this world a better place. Ansley girl, you truly are something so so special. (ps she’s also a Natural Life enthusiast so like that makes her even MORE amazing)"
Ansley helping make the world a better place
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There are so many amazing women in the world making a difference. 
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January 18, 2019