Art Through Pod Project

We were recently introduced to this amazing organization in Sacramento that provides the homeless with shelter from the elements, a bed to sleep in that isn't made of concrete and most importantly, a sense of dignity that many have lost. The Art-through-Pod Project is a community driven effort to help create, build and decorate shelters for the homeless in their community.


The idea is simple.. create a warm, lightweight and mobile place for someone to call home, while sharing artwork that adorns the community. Repurposing, upcycling, fundraising or donations.. materials are all around us!


Their second pod was inspired by a Natural Life camper... we're so honored!

art-compressor They stopped and had the trailer blessed by several missionaries from St. Jude Church.


They delivered it to Betty, who is 65-years-old and lives on the streets. It took 2 days...6 hours of walking the neighborhood to find her!


She was super excited about her new home! Their favorite part of this giveaway was Betty sitting up as straight as she could in her pod and the pride beaming from her face.


Betty in front of her new home!


Each pod costs around $250 and they're looking to build 10 more pods before the start of the 2016 holiday season.

i-nmwqfxz-l-compressor So far the interest and support from local businesses, neighbors and local churches has been awesome... even the Mayor made a donation for more pods to be built. With so much positive feedback, they've made plans to expand this project by building even more Art-through-Pods so they can continue to lift up the homeless community.


Monetary donations of any size are now being accepted. Together we can make a difference... Gofundme Page here!